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Everest Poker's $1 Million Match WSOP Promotion

Online Tournaments, 2009-04-27, by Ozone

Everest Poker is giving players a reason to qualify for the WSOP through their site. They will be tracking the progress of all players who qualify through their site and totaling the winnings of players who finish in the money. Everest will then take that figure, match it, and divide it evenly among all players who qualified through their site up to $1 million.

This '$1 Million Match' promotion is intended to give players reason for optimism even if they bust out prior to making the money. For example, say 50 players qualify for the WSOP through Everest Poker. Forty-eight of these players washout, but two of them each cash for $200,000. Everest will distribute $400,000 among all 50 players who qualified meaning each player would receive an $8,000 bonus.

Satellites to the WSOP are being held at Everest around the clock. Win your seat today and be a part of the $1 Million Match promotion. Everest Poker offers our readers a special first-time deposit bonus of up to $300 when you use the deposit code PTIPS300.

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