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Minnesota Censorship List Released

Law, 2009-05-05, by Ozone

A few days ago, it was revealed that Minnesota would attempt to restrict their citizens' access to online gaming sites. The list of 199 sites that Minnesota has ordered internet service providers to block has now been released.

Judging from the list, it could be surmised that Minnesota doesn't really have their act together with this online gaming witch-hunt. Some sites, such as Everest Poker and Mansion Poker, have been ordered to be blocked. Neither of these poker rooms service U.S. customers, so whether or not Minnesota residents can access them is redundant. However, the largest U.S. facing online poker room, PokerStars, was omitted from the list.

The state cited the Wire Act as grounds for this order. However, it is very unlikely that a judge will support the motion. Internet service providers are a form of "common carrier" that is restricted from doing business with bet-takers as per the Wire Act.

This clearly has not been a very thoughtful attempt on the part of Minnesota to censor their residents' web access.

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