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Clonie Gowen Lawsuit Against Full Tilt Dismissed

Law, 2009-05-06, by Ozone

In November, it was widely publicized that professional poker player Clonie Gowen was suing Full Tilt Poker for $40 million which she claimed was the value of 1% of the company she was entitled to. This week, a U.S. Magistrate Judge dismissed Gowen's lawsuit leaving her only the option to appeal his decision.

Gowen's lawsuit listed 13 well known poker players on the list of defendants. The judge dismissed this lawsuit with prejudice meaning that Gowen cannot file a new claim against these players over the matter. Three entities were omitted from the "with prejudice" classification, Tiltware LLC, owner Ray Bitar, and Howard Lederer. This means that Gowen could conceivably still file another lawsuit over this matter against Tiltware LLC, Bitar, or Lederer.

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