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2009 WSOP Update: Events #14 and #19

WSOP, 2009-06-11, by Ozone

When Brock 't_soprano' Parker beat Daniel Negreanu heads-up to win the bracelet in the $2,500 six-handed limit hold'em event, one might think he'd take a couple of days off from poker to enjoy his victory. He didn't.

The very next day, Brock was back at the poker tables for the $2,500 six-handed no-limit hold'em tournament. Two days later, he was strapping gold on his wrist again after besting the field of 1,068.

So in just four days, Brock Parker won two gold bracelets, over $775,000, and earned enough Player of the Year points to position himself second behind Cornel Cimpan in the 2009 race.

Not bad for a few days work.

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