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Joe Cada vs. Darvin Moon for the World Championship

WSOP, 2009-11-08, by Ozone

It took almost 15 grueling hours of play for the November Nine to be reduced to the November Two. After a four month hiatus as chip-leader with 58,930,000, Darvin Moon will take almost exactly that, 58,875,000, to heads-up play. He'll face the 21 year old who gobbled up all the other chips and now sits with 136,925,000, Joe Cada.

The final two will square off for the World Championship tomorrow.

Moon, exhausted and out-classed, was drifting asleep near the end of play and allowed his decisions to essentially disintegrate to all-in or fold. This worked for the 45 year old logger from Maryland, players were hesitant to put their entire stack at risk allowing him to tread water. There were reports that Moon had been awake since 7:00 a.m. playing table games.

Everest Poker qualifier Antoine Saout made tremendous work of the short stack he started the day with by rallying all the way to a 3rd place finish ($3.48 million). The Frenchman got pocket Eights all-in against the Ace-King of Cada and was eliminated in dramatic fashion when a King hit the river.

Drama was the theme of the day for Cada. At one point, he made an ill-advised call of Jeff Shulman's all-in with Ace-Jack. Shulman's Ace-King left Cada crippled with just four big blinds. From there, he doubled up twice, the second time in a race against Phil Ivey, a hand marked the beginning of the end for the crowd favorite.

A short while later, Ivey got Ace-King all-in against the Ace-Queen of Darvin Moon and had to watch a Queen on the flop seal his and the poker world's hopes of an Ivey World Championship. Ivey received $1.4 million for 7th place and was reportedly playing in a high stakes cash game at the Bellagio within an hour of his elimination.

Cada sent Shulman to the rail when his pocket Threes rallied to flop a set against Shulman's pocket Jacks. Later, Cada got pocket Deuces all-in against Saout's pocket Queens and flopped a Deuce to avoid elimination and claim a pot worth nearly half the chips in play.

Those weren't the only exciting all-ins of the day. Kevin Schaffel got pocket Aces all-in against the pocket Kings of Eric Buchman. Schaffel's Main Event ended by watching Buchman make not only trips, but quads on the hand.

Here are how players finished:

3rd - Antoine Saout - $3.48 million
4th - Eric Buchman - $2.5 million
5th - Jeff Shulman - $1.95 million
6th - Steven Begleiter - $1.59 million
7th - Phil Ivey - $1.4 million
8th - Kevin Schaffel - $1.3 million
9th - James Akenhead - $1.26 million

With a 2.3:1 chip-lead, the young online heads-up expert Cada will be considered a big favorite over Moon, who has risen to a folk-hero level of fame in the poker world for his improbable run in this tournament. But as they say, it's poker and anything can happen.

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