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Joe Cada Wins the 2009 WSOP

WSOP, 2009-11-10, by Ozone

That Joe Cada beat Darvin Moon to win the 2009 WSOP Main Event was not surprising to most people, but the difficulty he faced in eliminating Moon was far greater than most people anticipated. The two battled through 88 grueling hands of heads-up play during which Moon rallied all the way to a 3:1 chip-lead over Cada despite starting at more than a 2:1 chip disadvantage.

On the final hand, Cada raised to 3 million with blinds at 600k/1.2M. Moon re-raised to 8 million. Cada re-raised all-in putting Moon to the test for his remaining 67 million. After not much deliberation, Moon made the call and showed Queen-Jack of diamonds. Cada could not have been happy to see that his pocket Nines were in a race for most of the chips in play. However, when the board bricked out, the 21 year old from Michigan became the youngest World Champion in poker history.

Earlier in the heads-up match, Moon was positioned to win it himself. Having Cada widdled down to 50 million, Moon made a huge overbet all-in on a board of Ten-Nine-Five-Ten. Cada contemplated for several minutes before calling off his remaining chips with Jack-Nine. Moon was semi-bluffing with Eight-Seven and failed to hit a seven-outter to win the WSOP.

Cada pockets a cool $8.55 million for the win while Darvin Moon will no doubt happily settle for $5.18 million for his efforts. Moon got into this tournament by winning a $130 satellite and enjoyed one of the most improbable runs in WSOP history.

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