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Party Poker's Online Cash Game Championships

Promotions, 2010-03-31, by Ozone

Party Poker is holding the first ever Online Cash Game Championships starting April 5th. Players have until April 9th to join the competition and chase a prize pool of $250,000.

The Online Cash Game Championships feature seven levels. Players must participate in a minimum of 400 hands on at least one day of each level. The first level takes place April 5th through April 9th at the $0.50-$1 no-limit hold'em cash game tables.

A player's performance in each level is calculated based on total profit earned in the first 400 hands played on their best day. The top 30% of finishers from level one will advance to level two. The remaining 70% move on to a "second chance" level.

Level two as well as the second chance level will also take place at the $0.50-$1 no-limit tables from April 12th through April 16th. The top 30% of level two players and the top 10% second chance participants will advance to level three.

At level three, played at the $1-$2 no-limit tables from April 19th to 21st, the top 30% of players will advance and earn $200 for doing so. Level four, also played at the $1-$2 no-limit tables, will take place on April 26th and 27th. Only fifty players will advance from this level. These players will receive a $400 cash bonus for doing so.

Level five takes place at the $2-$4 no-limit tables on April 29th and 30th. The remaining fifty players will battle down to just 18 spots. These 18 lucky remaining players will receive $3,000.

On May 3rd, level six will take place at the $5-$10 no-limit tables. Players will be graded on their win rate over the course of 500 hands. Only six players will advance to the final level and will receive $10,000 for doing so.

At the final level, level 7, players will compete at $25-$50 no-limit on May 7th. The top three best finishers over the course of 500 hands will receive the majority of the remaining prize pool. The winner will receive $40,000. Runner-up will receive $20,000 and third place will receive $10,000. All told, the winner of the Online Cash Game Championships will receive $53,600 plus whatever profits they earned at the tables en route to victory.

Head over to Party Poker now and try your shot at becoming the first ever Online Cash Game Champion.

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