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Everest Poker Sues Harrah's Over WSOP Issue

Law, 2010-04-04, by Ozone

If you've seen the WSOP on TV in the past two years, you might have noticed an Everest Poker logo that appears on the felt of each table. Ultra Internet Media (UIM), the parent company of Everest Poker, purchased that advertising space from Harrah's, owners and operators of the WSOP, for three years for $22.5 million. Last week, UIM filed a lawsuit against Harrah's alleging a breach of contract over this sponsorship agreement.

UIM's gripe is over the French television station RTL9 who displayed Full Tilt Poker logos in place of the Everest Poker logos on their WSOP telecasts. The Las Vegas Sun states that UIM is suing Harrah's for not controlling their affiliate, RTL9, by requiring them to cease displaying Full Tilt ads in place of the Everest Poker ads.

See the Las Vegas Sun article for more information.

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