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New Book Review

, 2005-05-18, by TwoGun

There are a lot of poker books out on the market. To assist our readers in buying the right books, we have a poker books section that contains reviews of some of the more popular poker books.

Currently, there are not too many poker books that focus on multi-table no-limit holdem tournaments. Many of the books that cover this topic are also poorly written or do not provide a lot of helpful advice.

In our opinion, Harrington on Holdem: Volume I stands out as probably the best book written about no-limit holdem tournaments. Dan Harrington is one of the most accomplished tournament professionals, and the advice he gives is clear and of high quality.

Harrington on Holdem: Volume I is the first half of a two volume series. It covers strategic concepts, while the second volume "Endplay" will focus more on the later rounds of multi-table tournaments. The second volume is expected to be released around mid-June.

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