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Bwin and PartyGaming Merge

Bonuses, 2010-07-30, by TwoGun

There has been a lot of talk about a possible Bwin and PartyGaming merger, and it finally happened. The two companies will officially merge. The new combined company will be listed on the London Stock Exchange (Bwin had been on the Vienna Stock Exchange).

The deal is structured as a reverse takeover, with PartyGaming taking over Bwin. Current Bwin shareholders will get 12.23 PartyGaming shares for each Bwin shares they own. This will make Bwin the slightly larger part of the now combined company (51.6%).

The combined company is expected to be able to offer a better product among various gambling verticals. Bwin is currently known for its sports betting product, whereas PartyGaming is primarily known for Party Poker. It'll be interesting to see if the poker games become softer after the merger when all the sports betting fish suddenly have Party Poker accounts too.

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