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Party Poker Debuts Double Hold'em

Online Poker, 2010-10-12, by Ozone

Players at Party Poker may have noticed a new game offering. Double Hold'em is now offered in both play money and real money format at the popular online poker room.

In Double Hold'em, players are dealt three cards instead of two. After the flop, players remaining in the hand must designate one of their three cards as the "point card". This card is moved above the other two hole cards to form a triangle. Players can then use the point card in conjunction with either of the other two hole cards to form the best five card poker hand.

For example, suppose one is dealt 9c 9h 2c. The flop comes 9s 4c 3c. Optimally, one would select the 9c as their point card. This gives them top set with one combination and a flush draw with the other combination. The extra decision required to determine one's point card combined with the increased action is likely to make these games considerably soft.

Visit Party Poker today to try Double Hold'em. By using bonus code TIPS500, you can receive a first-time deposit bonus of 100% up to $500!

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