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EPT Season #7: €5,300 Barcelona, Spain

EPT, 2010-12-01, by Ozone

Last week's EPT Barcelona event showed just how truly global poker has become. With nine players remaining in the event, no country had multiple representatives. Sweden's Kent Lundmark bested the field of 758 for a first-place prize of €825,000.

Spaniard Jesus Lizano picked a good spot to score his first live cash of over $2,000 by finishing second. He earned €525,000 for that effort.

The other countries represented by the final table comprised virtually entirely of unknowns were: Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Greece, and Italy.

The Barcelona event is one of just a few that has been on the EPT schedule for all seven seasons. A buy-in reduction from €8,000 down to €5,000 helped lure 280 more participants to this year's tournament.

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