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New York Poker

, 2005-05-23, by TwoGun

Due to the rising popularity of poker, more bills are being proposed to allow for this form of gambling. In the United States, there have been new laws proposed for allowing for an expansion of poker in states such as Minnesota and North Dakota.

Recently, a state lawmaker in New York has proposed a bill allowing for tournament poker in bars. The bill places a lot of restrictions on these tournaments. Players can only bet with chips, which means that the games would have to be tournament games and not ring games.The maximum buy-in for a tournament is $50, and only the "best" tournament player can win a cash prize, which cannot exceed $100.

These restrictions seem to defy how traditional poker tournaments are played, which is a staggered prize pool that divides up all the of the buy-ins. Perhaps non-cash prizes will be given, or these bars may elect to limit the entries to ensure that all of the buy-ins would just go to the first-placed finisher.

More information about this story can be found in this article.

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