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Controversial Poker Promotion

, 2005-05-23, by TwoGun

Absolute Poker will pay a semester of tuition for the winning player of its "College Poker Challenge" tournament. This tournament is a free tournament (no buy-in or entry fee) that will take place on May 26. Registration for this tournament is already closed, and thousands of students have entered this tournament.

Some have criticized this tournament because it is targeted at an age group that tends to be more at-risk for gambling problems. While the tournament is free, it is obvious that Absolute Poker is probably attempting to convert a fair amount of these registrants into real-money players that generate rake for the poker room. This sort-of advertising technique is similar to how Party Poker and PokerStars have .net commercials for their poker sites.

For example, Party Poker has an advertisement on television promoting, which only has play-money poker games. One does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that there are real-money poker games at, so Party is able to increase its revenues and recruit new real-money players through its advertisements.

More information about the Absolute Poker "College Poker Championship" can be found in this Houston Chronicle Article.

For more information about Absolute Poker in general, you can check out our Absolute Poker Review.

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