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ESPN Increases WSOP Coverage

WSOP, 2011-05-04, by Ozone

In the wake of Black Friday, many in the poker world have feared popular U.S. televised poker programs will be reduced or eliminated altogether. Many of these programs were reliant on advertising dollars from the three sites that were targeted by the DOJ on April 15th. Some of those fears can be put to rest today on news that ESPN will feature more than 150 hours of poker coverage on their ESPN and ESPN2 TV stations and on their ESPN3 web platform.

The coverage for this summer's WSOP includes 32 hours of programming viewers have grown accustomed to since watching Chris Moneymaker win it all in 2003. But in a new twist, this year's coverage will feature another 126 hours of near-live footage spread across ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3.

This near-live coverage will begin on day three of the Main Event. For the remainder of the Main Event, anywhere from three and a half to nine hours of coverage will be aired daily on a 30-minute delay. Player hole cards will be revealed in this coverage which could give players access to more information about their opponents as they progress through the tournament.

The 2011 WSOP is less than four weeks away. On May 31st, the Casino Employees' event and a $25,000 buy-in heads-up bracelet event start the action.

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