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PokerStars, AP/UB Customer Service Offices Raided in Costa Rica

Law, 2011-05-06, by Ozone

Another day filled with drama in the poker world today as reports that the customer service offices of PokerStars and UB/Absolute Poker were raided by the OIJ, the Costa Rican equivalent of the FBI. It is speculated that the raid was prompted by UB employees who went to the "Ministry of Work" because they were afraid of not getting paid for monies owed to them after UB laid them off.

In a post on the TwoPlusTwo forums, a representative of PokerStars stated that the OIJ sent employees home temporarily but that they will be able to return in a few hours. He stated that PokerStars expects to return to business as usual in short order.

Other reports are suggesting that the OIJ is cooperating with the DOJ and FBI and trying to locate the indicted owners of UB that have yet to be brought into custody.

A video of the OIJ raid can be seen here.

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