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Noble Poker SNG Promo

, 2005-05-26, by TwoGun

Sit-and-go (SNG) tournaments are very popular on the internet. These are single-table tournaments where the tournament commences once 10 people have paid the buy-in and entry fee.

In order to promote their SNG tournaments, Noble Poker has a new promotion that will give $15,000 to anyone who can win five of their $5+$.50 "Maui Jackpot Sit N Go" tournaments in a row. It seems these tournaments are just like any other $5+$.50 sit-and-go tournaments, except there is the prospect of earning $15,000 by winning five of these SNGs in a row.

Also, if a player finishes first or second five times in a row, that person would receive a $200 bonus. These bonuses are not automatically given. If one is fortunate enough to win five of these tournaments in a row or place first or second five times in a row, he or she would need to email and provide details/dates about these tournaments.

Noble Poker understandably foresaw the prospect of collusion/soft-playing that might potentially occur because of this promotion. Therefore, their rules stipulate that anyone who plays against the same ten players each time would automatically be disqualified for the jackpot (they would suspect that it would be a conspiracy among the 10 people to allow the same person to win every time so he or she could claim the jackpot). Also, if someone "softplays" against a jackpot winner, than that would disqualify the person from winning the jackpot, and their account would be frozen.

These terms and conditions are necessary for Noble Poker to prevent potential fraud with these tournaments. It remains to be seen if these terms and conditions result in someone not receiving the jackpot due to suspected fraud, even though he or she legitimately won the prize.

The chance of winning the jackpot is quite slim for the average player. Assuming that one has a 10% chance of winning each tournament, the probability of winning five in a row is 1/100,000. If one is a very good player and can expect to win 20% of the time, the probability of winning the jackpot would be 1/3,125.

While the prospects for winning the jackpot is quite low, it does not cost anything extra to play in these tournaments. This promotion really does seem to be a pure "promotion" because the house does not take any extra money to fund the jackpot. For a $5 buy-in SNG tournament, most other poker rooms would charge a fee of $.50 or even a $1 to play. Noble Poker still just charges $.50 for these SNGs.

For more information about Noble Poker, check out our Noble Poker Review.

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