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Full Tilt 'Raising Capital' as 42nd WSOP Begins

Online Poker, 2011-05-31, by Ozone

Full Tilt's PR headache in the wake of Black Friday grew even worse yesterday when they said in a press release that they are, "raising capital to ensure that the US players are paid out in full as quickly as possible."

The second-largest online poker room has drawn criticism from the poker world for mismanaging their communication with players since the April 15th DOJ indictments. Their latest press release has made it apparent that the site does not have enough cash on hand to pay back U.S. players. Full Tilt remains unable to provide a specific timeframe for when U.S. players will be paid.

Since April 15th, Full Tilt has released just a small handful of largely uninformative press releases. Top Full Tilt figureheads such as Howard Lederer and Phil Ivey have remained totally silent on the issue.

The tension-inducing press release from Full Tilt comes just one day before the start of the 42nd annual World Series of Poker.

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