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Titan Poker's Rake Break

Promotions, 2011-07-11, by Ozone

For a limited time only, enjoy reduced-rake games at the iPoker skin Titan Poker. The site announced a "Rake Break" on the following short-handed and heads-up cash game tables:

• Fixed limit hold'em tables now have 50% reduced rake.
• No-limit games $0.05-$0.10 and smaller will also have 50% reduced rake.
• No-limit tables $25-$50 and higher have had their rake eliminated altogether (but there is a $0.10 flat fee in these games that see a flop).

This promotion was announced in the wake of Party Poker's rake free tournaments promotion. It's a really great deal for all limit hold'em players and micro-stakes no-limit players. It's a great deal for high stakes no-limit players as well, but they're usually not too concerned with rake anyway since it represents such a small portion of the average pot size.

If you do not have a Titan Poker account, head there now and use bonus code tips to receive a fantastic first-time deposit bonus of 200% up to $2,000!

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