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Party Poker Changes Rake Structure

Online Poker, 2011-08-23, by Ozone

Party Poker made some major changes this week to their rake structure and how they award PartyPoints.

PartyPoints are collected for participation in the site's real-money cash games. They can be redeemed for merchandise like electronics and buy-ins to tournaments. PartyPoints also determine how bonuses are awarded. Players clear $1 in bonus money following a first-time deposit for every 6 PartyPoints they earn. Two PartyPoints are awarded for every $1 in rake generated by a player.

The site previously used the "dealt-in" method of awarding PartyPoints. That means anyone who was dealt into a hand in which rake was taken from the pot was awarded an equal amount of PartyPoints. So if eight players were dealt into a hand where a $2 rake was taken, they would each get credit for having paid $0.25 in rake.

Now, Party Poker has switched to the "weighted contribution" method of calculating PartyPoints. So if eight players are dealt into a hand where all players except the two players in the blinds fold preflop and the final rake from the pot is $2, only the two players in the blinds who contributed money to the pot will receive credit for having paid rake (in this case, $1 each).

This is a hugely significant change for how it affects gameplay at the tables. Previously, a very tight player could fold a lot and still be awarded as many PartyPoints as a loose player at their table. Now, that same player will receive substantially fewer PartyPoints than his loose opponent due to the contributed rake method.

Other changes made to the games at Party Poker include the rake structure in no-limit and pot-limit games. The highest rake levels now start at $3/$6 blinds rather than $15-$30. This means a maximum rake of $5 per hand rather than $3 per hand at tables where more than four players are dealt into the hand for those stakes. That's a pretty major policy change for the negative for $3-6, $5-$10, and $10-20 no-limit players.

Micro-stakes fixed-limit players will be happy to hear that $0.01 will be raked for every $0.20 in the pot, not every $0.10 in the pot as was the case prior to these changes. The maximum rake at those tables remains at $0.50.

Head over to Party Poker today and use bonus code TIPS500 to check out the new rake formats.

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