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Party Poker Delays Rake Changes After Player Protest

Online Poker, 2011-08-26, by Ozone

A bit of organization on the part of online poker players has caused Party Poker to postpone planned changes to their rake structure.

The site announced an increase in the maximum rake taken per hand to $5 from $3 for no-limit games at stakes of $3-$6, $5-$10, and $10-$20.

Regular grinders at those stakes organized a protest on the Two Plus Two poker forums. At the time when the rake changes were to take effect, a group of players occupied all empty seats at tables of those stakes and "sat out" to effectively kill the action.

Following the protest, a Party Poker spokesman said, "based off of player feedback, we are discussing the possibility of not implementing the rake changes for $3/6 and $5/10 NL, and will make a decision in the morning."

One protester estimated the rake changes would result in 45% more rake paid at stakes of $3-$6 and 63% more at $5-$10, enough to turn winning grinders into losers.

It is unclear how Party Poker will alter or proceed with their plan for rake changes. The controversial changes come just one month after the site offered a very popular "rake free tournaments" promotion.

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