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More games at Party/Empire

, 2005-06-01, by TwoGun

Party Poker and Empire Poker are by far the largest online poker rooms. The two companies share the same ring games as well as single-table tournaments.

Recently, they have added $20-$40 limit holdem as well as $10-$20 no-limit holdem. There are enough games at each limit that one would not have to be on a waiting list to play in either game.

Hopefully, these higher stakes will not end up making the games tougher at Party Poker and Empire Poker. If poorer players decide to play in one of these higher games on a whim, they may end up losing too much money and will never play poker again. Generally, it is better if poker rooms "protect the fish" because this keeps the games softer in the long run.

More information about these two poker rooms can be found in our Party Poker Review and Empire Poker Review.

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