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More Book Reviews

, 2005-06-02, by TwoGun

Due to the popularity of poker, more books are being written about the game. We have recently added two reviews of books about limit holdem, Small Stakes Holdem and Holdem Poker.

Small Stakes Holdem is a newer book. Written by Ed Miller, David Skalansky, and Mason Malmouth, Small Stakes Holdem is a very in-depth book about limit holdem strategy. In our opinion, it is the best book written so far about limit holdem. Its tips and strategies are useful for both beginning and intermediate players, and the book focuses on beating the loose games that are common at both brick and mortar casinos and online poker rooms.

Holdem Poker, authored by David Skalansky, is an older book. It was originally written in the 70s and is considered to be one of the more famous poker books. While much of the strategy is applicable to current limit holdem games, the book is extremely short and does not contain nearly the depth of content that Small Stakes Holdem possesses.

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