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Poker Den Promotion

, 2005-06-04, by TwoGun

Promotions sending players to land-based poker events are not new for online poker rooms. Notably, online poker rooms send players to the World Series of Poker through their satellite tournaments and freerolls.

Party Poker has launched a new poker promotion sending players to a different sort of land-based poker event. This promotion sends players to a "Poker Den" event, which is a six-man single-table tournament. The buy-in for this tournament is 8500 pounds (about $16,300), and it is winner-take-all. This event is scheduled to be televised weekly for 12 weeks starting June 17.

The satellite tournaments to this event are $250+$25, with one seat being awarded per 75 entries. Each package includes a buy-in to the event, 3 nights hotel, and $1700 in spending money. This event takes place on Saturdays at 7:15 PM GMT (14:15 PM EST).

For more information about Party Poker, check out our Party Poker Review.

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