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EPT Season 8: PCA $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em

EPT, 2012-01-14, by Ozone

Prior to yesterday, John Dibella's biggest lifetime cash in a live poker tournament was $16,000. Now he has one on record more than 100 times larger than that.

The 43 year old stock trader from New York arrived at the 2012 PCA final table with less than 10% of the chips in play. After a day of running hot including beating pocket Jacks with pocket Fours all-in preflop, Dibella chopped heads-up with Kyle Julius each of them taking $1.5 million apiece. They left $275,000 in the middle to play for. From there, Dibella never looked back and concluded his unlikely run to becoming PCA champion.

Faraz Jaka, whom we interviewed just prior to the start of the tournament, finished 3rd in the 1,072 player field for $755,000. Jaka was the overnight chip leader on 3 of the 5 nights of the tournament but was victim in the large Jacks vs. Fours hand that propelled Dibella to victory.

The rest of the final table finished as follows:

4th: Xuan Liu - $600,000
5th: Mark Drover - $468,000
6th: Anthony Gregg - $364,000
7th: David Bernstein - $260,000
8th: Ruben Visser - $156,400

Next up on the EPT schedule is a €5,000 event in Deauville, France at the end of this month.

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