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Romney Comes Out Against Legalized Online Poker

Politics, 2012-02-06, by TwoGun

A few months ago, Mitt Romney, the likely Republican nominee for president, was asked by supporters about his opinion of legalizing online poker. Today, Mitt Romney finally unveiled his thoughts, and they were not particularly bright or insightful ones.

Taking the standard Christian Coalition line, Romney said he was against legalizing online poker "because of the social costs and people's addictive gambling habits." It's not clear if he was president if he would try to roll back attempts at intra-state online poker or if this just means he is against a federal effort of legalizing online poker.

Romney, who claims to be a fiscal conservative, apparently believes in the Bush philosophy towards budget reduction. This includes lowering taxes on the wealthy, spending more on the military, and saying he'll cut back on waste and entitlements but actually doing nothing about them. Today, he just cut out one more potential revenue producer.

President Obama has remained relatively neutral about online poker. He has not indicated whether he is for or against legalized online poker at the federal level, though Harry Reid, the top Democrat in the Senator, is a heavy proponent for it.

The election is projected to be fairly close. Hopefully, Obama will win it by a small margin, say Nevada, with a small but overall significant voting bloc saying online poker was a major reason for their vote. Maybe this way Romney, as well as other rich, blue blood Republicans who suddenly become ultra-Christian around election time, will stop pandering to the base on every issue.

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