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Everleaf Gaming Network Shuts Down U.S. Operations

Online Poker, 2012-02-12, by Ozone

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently issued a letter to the Everleaf Gaming Network requesting that they cease all U.S. operations. Everleaf opted against fighting the U.S. government and amended their terms and conditions to state, "No person who is resident in Malta, France and USA may open an account, play, or in any other way participate in the ELG offerings and/or services."

The site had never accepted players from Malta and added France and the U.S. to that list.

One of Everleaf's U.S. payment processors recently had its funds seized. It is unknown if U.S. players on the Everleaf Network will be able to recover their funds. The company has ensured players that they are working with the U.S. Department of Justice to ensure players are repaid.

According to, Everleaf is headquartered in Malta. They are presently the 28th largest poker network with an average real-money player pool of 375 players.

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