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Iowa Takes Steps To Legalize Online Poker

Politics, 2012-02-21, by TwoGun

While legislation at the Federal level has been stalled, individual states are making efforts to legalize online poker in the United States.

In the wake of the DOJ's out-of-the-blue decision that online poker does not violate the Wire Act, state's are considered free to legalize online poker for their in-state residents.

Online poker in Nevada is all but a guarantee in the not so distant future, but the question has remained what other states will follow.

It now seems Iowa may be one of the first. A bill recently passed a Senate committee and may be voted on as early as Wednesday. If it passes the state Senate, it will need to pass the state House and then be signed by the governor.

The bill seems to be structured well and the committee seems to be understanding of the need for Iowan players to be able to play against other US (where allowed) and international players.

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