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Ipoker Network Moves Towards Rake Contribution Method For Bonuses

Promotions, 2012-03-04, by TwoGun

Poker rooms often release bonuses and promotions to players based on the amount of rake or raked hands the person has played.

In the past, some poker rooms calculated a raked hand as just having been dealt cards in a raked hand. The rake assigned to all players was proportioned equally. So if a game had 5 players and $1 was raked, each player was viewed as contribution $.20, whether or not they actually bet or not.

Gradually, poker rooms, such as PokerStars, have moved to a weighted contribution method. Now, the rake is apportioned to players based on how much they contribute in that pot. So if a hand has 5 players, but it is heads-up going into the flop and $1 is raked, the two players that bet are assigned $.50 each.

Weighted contribution methods of assigning rake are generally good for aggressive players and bad for nits. Otherwise, it's generally not viewed as that big of a deal.

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