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PokerStars Adds Zoom Poker Tables

Online Poker, 2012-03-20, by Ozone

PokerStars recently released a new set of cash game tables dubbed Zoom Poker. The tables allow players to "Fast Fold" their hand and be moved to a new table where they will be dealt a new hand immediately. Rather than picking a table for a normal game, Zoom Poker pools all players at a particular buy-in level together. As players in this pool complete their hand, they are whisked away to a new table with different opponents.

Full Tilt Poker released a similar type of game called Rush Poker prior to their exiting the poker world. One improvement made by PokerStars on the concept was to allow players to watch the rest of the hand if they hold down the "CTRL" button when folding.

We have posted a Zoom Poker Intro video in our free poker videos section to walk players through how the game works.

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