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Utah Makes Online Poker Illegal

Legislation, 2012-03-25, by Ozone

The state of Utah has passed a bill into law that makes online poker illegal within the state's borders. Governor Gary Herbert signed the bill, titled HB108, last week after it easily passed both chambers of the state's legislative body. The law outlaws online poker and gaming making it a misdemeanor crime.

Additionally, the bill contains wording that would eliminate any potential Utah citizens have of playing online poker in the event that federal legislation is passed to legalize the game. The bill states, "If any federal law is enacted that authorizes internet gambling in the (country) and that federal law provides that individual states may opt out, this state shall opt out of internet gambling in the manner provided by federal law."

Utah has historically been a highly anti-gambling state. They have never allowed any form of gambling within their borders, including lotteries.

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