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Free BlueFirePoker Memberships for PokerTips Readers

Promotions, 2012-05-16, by Ozone

PokerTips has teamed up with BlueFirePoker to award free subscriptions to their poker training site which features strategy videos from top poker pros. There are two ways to win a free subscription.

Method #1: Play in our private freeroll at PokerStars. The winner of the freeroll gets a free one year subscription to BlueFirePoker. Second place gets a 6 month subscription while third place receives a one month subscription.

The freeroll is scheduled for Sunday, May 27th at 2:30 CST (GMT -6). To access the tournament, download PokerStars, join Home Game ID #634528 using invitation code blue123fire, and post in this thread your PokerStars username and BlueFirePoker ID prior to the start of the tournament.

Method #2: Post an interesting hand history in the same thread that you would like reviewed by one of BlueFirePoker's sponsored pros. Be certain to include all relevant reads, dynamics, stats, and other information you can provide about the villians in the hand. Five of BlueFirePoker's top pros will each pick a hand posted in the thread to dissect in a special strategy video for PokerTips readers. If a hand you post is used in the review video, you will receive a free one month membership to BlueFirePoker.

Here is the roster of the five pros who will be contributing towards the strategy video:

1. Asad "glitteringprizes" Goodarzy (MS/HSNL Cash) - BlueFirePoker's newest signing, a mid/high-stakes reg that has relatively flown under the radar while crushing 6max and HU. Asad's first three videos have had almost 4500 views with much praise including a comment on his most recent video referring to him as "the most impressive video maker out there these days."

2. Dusty "leatherass9" Schmidt (MS/HSNL Cash) - A very well-known mid/high stakes reg pre-Black Friday, Dusty joined BlueFire a few months back. In the past month, Dusty has won over $50k on the Merge network and seems to have picked up right where he left off on PokerStars.

3. Adam "ctrlaltdegen11/afc12345/pamfknbrunsonx" Reynolds (MS/HSNL Cash) - A Eurosite crusher featured in a recent interview with Pokertips, Adam is continuing to run over the iPoker network. This was quite the month for Adam as he has won another $85k.

4. Dustin "DDBeast" Dorrance-Bowman (HS SNG/MTT) - A SNG/MTT legend with over 1.5 million in cashes and almost 750k in profit, DDBeast has done it all including winning a SCOOP for $213k, 3rd in an FTOPS for $113k, final tabled a live WSOP event, Supernova Elite each year, and was ranked the top 6max SNG player on PokerStars.

5. Aaron "aaronbeen" Been (HS MTT, GTO, ICM, and Math Specialist) - Aaron is a high-stakes MTT grinder who has over 2.2 million in cashes including winning the Sunday Brawl for $266k last year. This week, Aaron chopped the $2,100 4-max SCOOP on PokerStars for $76,500.

All are welcome to participate in the freeroll and submit an interesting hand history for review in order to increase their chances of winning a free BlueFirePoker subscription. But don't wait long. This promotion will be over in just ten days!

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