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Limited Competition for $500 in Poker770 Rake Race

Promotions, 2012-06-26, by Ozone

PokerTips and Poker770 teamed up to create a $500 June Rake Race. With a few days remaining in the month, the competition for the prizes is wide open!

The seven players who generate the most rake in June at Poker770 will get their cut of the following prizes:

1st: $180
2nd: $100
3rd: $80
4th: $50
5th: $40
6th: $25
7th: $25

Currently, even the top prize of $180 is completely within reach for anyone willing to dedicate a few hours to grinding. Here are the rake race standings as of earlier today (rake generated in parenthesis):

1st: lionRAWR ($77.38)
2nd: KALLE2324 ($43.78)
3rd: exp0pcorn ($25.53)
4th: HowardMarks82 ($12.56)
5th: 1ananinza ($6.75)
6th: lllllllilllill ($4.00)
7th: pokerg41 ($0.98)

By creating an account at Poker770 through a link from PokerTips and generating just $1 in rake, you would currently be in line for the 7th place prize of $25!

Best of all, they give players $7.70 for free simply for creating an account, no deposit required. The only valid excuses for not giving it a shot would be if a.) you live in the U.S. or b.) you already have an account at Poker770 as this promotion is only open to players who create a new account in the time since this promotion was announced.

Visit Poker770 today and get your hands on some of this great value being given away to PokerTips readers!

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