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iPoker Network Split Announced

Business, 2012-06-26, by Ozone

The approximately 40 sites on the iPoker Network have two months to meet certain qualifying standards in order to be placed in the top-tier network following a September 1st split.

Playtech, owners of the iPoker Network, confirmed plans for the split saying they will grade sites beginning on July 1st to determine which skins will be split into a different network.

Sites must maintain an average of 6,000 active players each month generating at least $1 in rake. Additionally, sites will need to acquire 850 new accounts each month that generate $5 in rake each in order to join the top-tier network.

Some sites on the network, such as William Hill and Titan Poker are expected to meet these requirements with ease. Others, like Poker770 and Expekt, are viewed as wild cards that could go either way.

Playtech's motivation for the split is to protect large sites on the network whose marketing efforts attract recreational players looking to have fun from the sharkier players attracted to rakeback offers of smaller networks.

Party Poker made a similar move in 2005 jettisoning skins away from its player base. This move led to the demise of many of those poker rooms which had been previously nourished by the mother ship.

It is likely that many of the smaller poker rooms on iPoker which are relegated to the bottom-tier network will struggle to survive. This network is likely to have a much smaller player base with tougher competition. It will be interesting to see if operators on the bottom-tier network can come together to create solutions for its survival.

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