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Party Poker Dumps High Stakes Games

Online Poker, 2012-07-23, by Ozone

Party Poker has made an interesting and controversial business decision. The large online poker room will no longer offer no-limit or pot-limit games above stakes of $5-$10 or limit games above $30-$60.

The ban on high stakes action was described as a move to protect the poker ecology at Party Poker. Company officials have stated to move was made to, "make improvements to our poker ecology and [is] in our players' best interests."

Party Poker, which is currently the third largest online poker room according to, has taken some heat for its decision to remove high stakes games. Enthusiasts of the big action tables have griped that the site has taken a step in the wrong direction.

While high stakes players may be upset, the decision to ditch high stakes tables appears to be pretty smart from a business decision. Party Poker is trying to protect against players taking shots in large buy-in games only to lose their entire bankroll in one hand. By limiting access to how much players can realistically lose in a short period of time, Party Poker is keeping money spread across more players on their network rather than allowing a few sharks to gobble up money large bite after large bite at a time.

By disabling high stakes games, Party Poker is showing a commitment towards maintaining their environment of fun, lower-stakes poker games.

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