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$800 Signup Bonus

, 2005-06-09, by TwoGun

Noble Poker has always offered one of the nicer signup bonuses. Previously, they offered a 100% bonus up to $500 max. They have now increased the maximum bonus to $800. This bonus is special for readers, so you will need to click a link from this website to Noble Poker to receive this bonus.

Noble Poker has also altered their bonus clearing requirements. Previously, it took 125 "crowns" to receive each $10 in bonus. Now, it requires 500 crowns. However, they previously only credited a player with crowns if that player actively contributed to the rake of each pot (by posting a blind or making a bet). Now, a player receives crowns if they are just dealt cards in a raked hand. For most players, this still makes the bonus slightly more difficult to clear, but the clearing requirements are still quite manageable.

For more information about this bonus, check out the Noble Poker Bonus Review.

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