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888 to Offer Real Money Poker Via Facebook in the UK

Online Poker, 2012-12-13, by TwoGun

It's been widely known that Zynga will have real-money online poker soon. Zynga won't be the only major company trying to get capitalize on the popularity of Facebook and its users.

888 Poker will also join forces with Facebook and offer real-money online poker through Facebook. Initially, only people in the UK will be able to play.

It remains to be seen how much of an impact this will have on the poker world. Undoubtedly, this will soften up games and get more recreational players to join these sites.

However, given how poor Facebook has been as a marketing method for most gambling sites, the demographic profile of the average heavy Facebook user, and the fact that this is UK-only, call me pessimistic that this will have a major affect on online poker in general.

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