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Bill to Legalize Poker in US Introduced

Law, 2013-07-12, by TwoGun

Joe Barton, a Republican Congressman from Texas, has introduced a bill in the US Congress to legalize online poker.

This is the second bill introduced to legalize online poker. The other bill, introduced by Peter King, would allow for other forms of online gambling as well.

Barton's bill seems to have a better chance at success since legislators are more open to legalizing poker than more hard, non-skilled forms of gambling, such as online casinos.

Barton's bill would prohibit companies and individuals that violated previous US law from operating under the new law for five years. In other words, no PokerStars for five years if the bill happened to pass.

While it's encouraging to see the bill and introduced by a Republican nonetheless, the odds of the bill passing are still a longshot. Expect to see opposition from Native American tribes (who want to protect their land-based casinos) and the religious right. That plus the slow as molasses movement of Congress give us long odds for the bill to pass.

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