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King of the Ring Promo

, 2005-06-16, by TwoGun

Most poker promotions focus on tournaments. Many poker rooms host satellite tournaments or freerolls that send players to land-based events such as the World Series of Poker.

Poker Room has rolled out a new promotion that focuses on ring games. Their "King of the Ring" promo will award three large cash prizes based on how many points players earn. First place will receive $50k, second place $30k, and third place $20k. This promotion will take place between June 19 and June 30 (there is a break on June 24 and 25 when no points will be awarded).

Poker Room awards points based on four areas- guts, persistence, skill, and determination. A player receives points for "guts" based on the single largest pot that player won during the promotional period. Points for "persistence" goes to the ten players who wager the most money during each 24 hour period. "Skill" points are awarded to the ten players who win the most money during each 24 hour period, and "determination" points goes to the ten players who play the most ring game hands during each twenty four hour period.

This promotion will probably increase the popularity of the high-stakes games at Poker Room. The prizes are very large, even for higher-stakes players. This promotion may have the unfortunate result of making the high-stakes games harder at Poker Room. Many sharks that commonly play at other sites may be attracted to the potential to win extra money and may attempt to grind their way to winning this promotion.

This promotion may also have the negative effect of encouraging people to play games too high for their bankroll. Poker Room hosts several games that have nose-bleed stakes. Very few players have the bankroll and skill necessary to play in these types of games. It is the opinion of this author that players should not be tempted to play in stakes higher than they are accustomed to because of a promotion.

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