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Five-Card Draw at Poker Room

, 2005-06-24, by TwoGun

While not that popular as a multi-player poker game, five card draw is the poker game that many people first learn. Its simplicity is often attractive to players, and it is the typical game that is used to play video poker at casinos.

Not many poker rooms spread five-card draw. This is because the game is not that popular as a multi-player poker game. There tends to be little action, and many find it quite boring.

Neverthless, it has popular appeal to many since it was the first poker game many players learned. Furthermore, many newer players may be unfamiliar with games such as Texas Hold'em.

To satisfy this appeal, Poker Room has recently launched five-card draw games at their site. Games are available for both real money and play money. The game is already fairly popular at the lower limits.

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