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Progressive SNG Jackpot

, 2005-06-28, by TwoGun

Noble Poker has an interesting promotion where they reward a large cash jackpot to a player if he or she is able to win five consecutive $5+$.50 "Maui Jackpot Sit N Go" tournaments in a row.

Previously, the jackpot for this was a flat $15,000. Now, Noble Poker is adding $3,500 a week to the jackpot until someone hits it.

So far, no one has won this prize. As detailed in this news article, it is fairly rare that someone will be able to accomplish this feat. However, it is still a nice promotion considering it does not appear that Noble Poker charges anything extra to play in these SNGs as compared to just regular $5+$.50 single-table tournaments.

Some people have already won the $200 prize, which is awarded to those who place first or second in five consecutive Maui Jackpot SNGs.

For more information about Noble Poker, check out our Noble Poker Review.

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