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2005 WSOP Event #35: $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha

, 2005-07-10, by Mercy

There are two controversial rules at the World Series of Poker. First, if a player talks on his cellular phone while in a hand, his cards are declared dead for that hand. So if you happen to play in a WSOP event, make sure you do not answer any phone calls while you are playing a hand! While some may find this annoying, this is to protect the other players at the table against possible collusion or help from observers.

The more controversial rule at the WSOP is the "F-Bomb" rule. If a player says the word "fuck," he or she is administered a ten-minute penalty. The player must sit out for ten minutes and watch his blinds and antes posted while his cards are being mucked. While this is not an enormous penalty for a player at the beginning of the tournament, this could be devestating for a player in a later round of the tournament.

It is not entirely clear why this penalty is being administered, and players are generally adamently opposed to this rule. It is only natural for some players to mutter explitives after bad beats or huge losses and penalizing a player ten minutes seems a bit harsh.

In the first ever $10,000 pot limit Omaha event of the WSOP, a young professional poker player from Israel, Rafi Amit, received this penalty. This penalty could not have come at a worse time for Amit. He was heads-up at the final table, with an enormous chip lead on his opponent, Vinny Vinh. This ten minute penalty allowed Vinh to recover an enormous part of the chip difference.

Ultimately though, Amit prevailed and took home over $200,000, as well as a shiny gold bracelet.

Other notable final table appearances include 6th place finisher Todd Brunson and 8th place finisher Erik Seidel.

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