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Nosebleed Games at Party Poker

, 2005-07-12, by Mercy

For a long time, the highest stakes limit hold'em games at Party Poker were $15-$30. Then, Party Poker added a $30-$60 game, but limited those stakes to only two tables. This resulted in a long waiting list for the two $30-$60 games.

Recently, Party Poker and Empire Poker added a lot more tables at $30-$60 and also introduced a $20-$40 game.

In their latest effort to promote really high-stakes games, Party Poker has added $50-$100 and $100-$200 fixed-limit hold'em games. Like they originally did with their $30-$60 hold'em games, they are limiting these stakes to only two tables. Because of this, there is generally a wait list about 20 players deep for both the $50-$100 games and the $100-$200 games.

Another interesting difference is that they have raised the rake for these high-stakes games. Instead of 5% up to $3 max rake, these games have a 5% up to $5 max rake. These stakes are high enough to where a $2 increase in rake does not really matter that much for the players.

Another notable point is that this game does not seem to be currently spread at Empire Poker. The highest limit game at Empire still seems to be $30-$60.

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