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Repeat WSOP Champion?

, 2005-07-12, by Mercy

This year, 5619 players entered the WSOP. Most people believed that an unknown player would probably walk away with the $7.5 million first-place prize.

However, it seems that the unthinkable might happen. Greg Raymer, WSOP 2004 champion, may become the first back-to-back WSOP champion in the era of thousand-plus WSOP fields.

In the past, several players won back-to-back titles, such as Doyle Brunson and Stu Ungar. However, back then the fields were only a few hundred players. Now, a champion must steamroll through a field of thousands of entrants.

There is still a lot of tournament poker to be played. However, with under 180 players left in the main event, Greg Raymer currently holds the chip lead with around 1.5 million chips.

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