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WSOP Main Event Day Seven

, 2005-07-16, by TwoGun

The final table of the WSOP was filled with unknown players. The one well-known pro in the field, Mike Matusow, busted out in 9th place, earning $1 million.

The final five players featured two online qualifiers, Andrew Black and Aaron Kanter, and three players that bought in or qualified via a satellite tournament at the Rio (Steve Dannenmann, Joseph Hachem, and Tex Barch). Both of the online qualifiers won their seats via Party Poker.

Andrew Black has a particularly interesting life story. Black is from Ireland, where he has played poker for many years. In the late 90's, he became increasingly disillusioned with the direction of his life. He found Buddhism and became a Buddhist monk for five years. He has come back to poker, feeling more refreshed and focused than ever.

While carrying the chip lead for quite awhile, Black lost several important pots at the final table. He eventually lost all of his chips in a TT vs. AK race against Steve Dannenmann.

One particularly important hand occured between Tex Barch and Aaron Kanter. In this hand Hachem limped, Barch limped in from the small blind, and Kanter called.

The flop came Kc Ts 7s. Both Barch and Kanter check. Hachem bets $450k into a $600k pot in an attempt to steal. Barch check-raises to $1 million.

Then, the action really began. Kanter raises Barch to $2 million. Hachem quickly folds. Barch re-raises Kanter to $4.5 million.

Kanter ponders his decision for several minutes. He finally decides to go all-in (he has Barch covered). Tex Barch quickly thinks the situation over and decides to call.

Barch had K7, for top and bottom two-pair. Kanter had K5 for top pair without a decent kicker. The final two cards are a Queen and a Jack, so Barch's hand holds up. He wins a $22 million pot, the largest in WSOP history up to this point.

Kanter went on to place fourth, and Tex Barch finished the tournament in third place.

The final two players were Steve Dannenman, an American, and Joseph Hachem, an Australian. Typical played occured for about five hands until the decisive hand was dealt.

At about 6:45 AM PST, Dannenman picks up A3 offsuit on the button and raises Hachem, who possesses 73o. Hachem calls.

The flop comes 456, giving Hachem a straight. Dannenman takes a stab at it, and Hachem lightly raises him. Dannenman calls Hachem with a bottom straight draw.

The turn came an ace, giving Dannenman top pair and setting him up for disaster. Hachem puts in a solid bet, Dannenman re-raises, and Hachem goes all-in. Dannenman calls, and it is reveleaded that he only has three outs to a tie.

The turn is a blank, and Hachem wins the 2005 World Series of Poker Championship.

Now $7.5 million richer, Hachem was celebrated by his friends with cheers of "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy!"

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