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$1 million Sit n Go Challenge

, 2005-07-18, by TwoGun

Due to the success of their Maui Jackpot promotion, Noble Poker seems to be upping the ante in terms of the payouts for their special sit and go's.

On August 1, Noble Poker will launch a promotion where they will reward $1 million to a player that wins seven $10 sit and go's in a a row. They also will reward $75k to anyone who wins six in a row, and $25k to anyone who wins five in a row.

Obviously, it is incredibly difficult to win seven sit and gos in a row. Below are the approximate percentages for winning five, six, or seven sit and go's in a row, assuming a player has a 10% chance of winning each sit and go.

Five: .001%
Six: .0001%
Seven: .00001%

A very skilled player would have a considerably higher chance of winning a prize, though the chance of winning on any one occasion is still very small. This table assumes a 20% chance of winning a sit and go:

Five: 0.032%
Six: 0.0064%
Seven: 0.00128%

It is not clear yet if Noble Poker will be charging a higher tournament fee for these tournaments, or if they will take money out of the prize pool to fund the jackpot. They did not do this for the Maui Jackpot, which made that promotion a very nice offer.

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