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Million Dollar Freeroll

, 2005-07-21, by TwoGun

Paradise Poker recently announced a new promotion in which they will give away over 1.1 million dollars. The promotion is called "The World's First Million Dollar Freeroll". Entry into the tournament does come with a few strings attached.

Each day Paradise Poker is spreading 3 satellite tournaments that feed into the Million Dollar Freeroll. Every registered user may play in one of these satellite freerolls for free. Anywhere from 10-30 entrants in the satellites will advance on to the million dollar freeroll.

If one wishes to play in 2 or more satellites, the player must play roughly 100 ring-game hands on Paradise's tables, thus accumulating enough "Million Points" to enter another satellite. The satellites run 3 times per day from now until August 26th. The Million Dollar Freeroll takes place on August 27th.

If a player is fortunate enough to win a satellite and find themselves in the Million Dollar Freeroll, there is still plenty of work ahead. Once the tournament is down to the final ten players, it will be paused. Paradise Poker will then fly the remaining ten players to "paradise" (an island yet-to-be-named) where the ten will conclude playing the tournament.

The payouts in the tournament are extremely top heavy. First place wins 1 million dollars. If you finish 2nd-10th, you win $10,000. The tournament pays all the way down to 500th place. The players who finish 101st-500th will receive $5 for their efforts. As you can see, nearly all of the money is being awarded to first.

Nonetheless, it might make for a good time trying to win the tournament. I just wouldn't want to be the person that got second.

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