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Royal Flush Club

, 2005-07-23, by TwoGun

Many poker rooms have rewards programs that give users prizes based on how much they play. Generally, it takes a player a long time to be able to recieve much of anything beyond a couple of poker books and some t-shirts through these awards programs.

Empire Poker has a rewards program known as their "VIP Club." A user must earn 5000 VIP points to be entered into this club. Once they are in the VIP Club, players can redeem their VIP points for entries into freeroll tournaments, as well as typical prizes.

Recently, Empire Poker has launched an elite VIP Club of sorts. Known as their "Royal Flush Club," a player must earn 15,000 VIP points to become a member of this rewards program. The Royal Flush Club has some pretty nice features, including a 10% up to $100 bonus every month for a player's first deposit of month and a free watch. A player can also receive a free tv, lcd screen, and Vegas package once he or she reaches 25k, 50k, and 100k VIP points respectively.

Players earn VIP points for playing in any real-money game. However, by far the quickest way to earn VIP points is to play a lot of multi-table tournaments at Empire Poker. This is because one receives epoints equal to the squared number of multi-table tournaments (with a buy-in of $9 or higher) that one plays in any given day. For example, if someone plays in 9 multi-table tournaments in one day, he or she would receive 81 epoints if he or she is not a VIP member and 162 epoints if he or she is a VIP member.

To earn this many points by playing raked hands, someone would have to play 6,561 raked hands.

Additionally, a player receives an epoint for every dollar in multi-table tournament fees he or she pays (two epoints once someone is a VIP member).

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