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Australian Poker Boom

, 2005-07-26, by TwoGun

While poker was originally an American game, its popularity is now sweeping the globe. This reality is epitomized by the recent WSOP victory by Joseph Hachem, a poker player from Australia.

Prior to Hachem's championship win, Australia already had some poker in its brick and mortar poker. An example would be the Star City Casino in Sydney, which spread Texas Hold'em, Omaha, as well as a relatively rare poker variant called Manila.

Already, the Sky City Casino in Adelaide is spreading more poker. According to this article, its new "Poker Zone" is open four nights a week. Like the Start City Casino, they will be spreading hold'em, Omaha, and Manila.

Recently, the Crown Casino has started the process of setting up a tournament with a $10 million prize pool. More than 500 players are expected to play in this event. For more information, check out this Herald Sun Article.

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