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Entry Fee Free Weekend

, 2005-08-04, by TwoGun

When entering a tournament, a player pays a buy-in as well as an entry fee. The buy-in is the amount of money that goes to the prize pool, and the entry fee is the amount that goes to the house (the tournament equivalent of the rake). Tournaments are listed as "buy-in+entry fee," so a $10 buy-in with $1 entry fee would be listed as $10+$1.

This weekend, both Empire Poker and Poker Room will be hosting large buy-in tournaments with no entry fees. Empire's weekly "TV Star" tournament is a $100+$0 tournament that acts as a satellite to the Bellagio World Poker Tour tournament in December. Each package is worth $17k, so one package is awarded per 170 entrants.

The other major tournament is Poker Room's Grand Tournament III. This is a $1000 buy-in tournament that will begin on Saturday. Some find this tournament particularly fun because it is a two-day tournament. Players that make it to the second day get to feel a similar sense of drama as players that play in the major land-based tournaments.

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